United kingdom essay

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United kingdom essay

Moreover, the United Kingdom became a member of the European Union in But we have our own dream and our own task. We are with Europe, but not of it.

United kingdom essay

We are linked, but not comprised. We are interested and associated, but not absorbed. That set the stage for the U. The United Kingdom contains most of the area and population United kingdom essay the British Isles—the geographic term for the group of islands that includes Great Britain, Ireland, and many smaller islands.

Together England, Wales, and Scotland constitute Great Britain, the larger of the two principal islands, while Northern Ireland and the republic of Ireland constitute the second largest island, Ireland. England, occupying most of southern Great Britain, includes the Isles of Scilly off the southwest coast and the Isle of Wight off the southern coast.

Scotland, occupying northern Great Britain, includes the Orkney and Shetland islands off the northern coast and the Hebrides off the northwestern coast. Wales lies west of England and includes the island of Anglesey to the northwest.

Apart from the land border with the Irish republic, the United Kingdom is surrounded by sea. The North Sea lies to the east.

At its widest the United Kingdom is miles km across.

United kingdom essay

From the northern tip of Scotland to the southern coast of England, it is about miles 1, km. No part is more than 75 miles km from the sea. The capital, London, is situated on the tidal River Thames in southeastern England.

The archipelago formed by Great Britain and the numerous smaller islands is as irregular in shape as it is diverse in geology and landscape. This diversity stems largely from the nature and disposition of the underlying rocks, which are westward extensions of European structures, with the shallow waters of the Strait of Dover and the North Sea concealing former land links.

Northern Ireland contains a westward extension of the rock structures of Scotland. These common rock structures are breached by the narrow North Channel. The peoples who, over the centuries, have hewed an existence from this Atlantic extremity of Eurasia have put their own imprint on the environmentand the ancient and distinctive palimpsest of their field patterns and settlements complements the natural diversity.

Relief Great Britain is traditionally divided into a highland and a lowland zone.


A line running from the mouth of the River Exein the southwest, to that of the Tees, in the northeast, is a crude expression of this division. The course of the foot metre contouror of the boundary separating the older rocks of the north and west from the younger southeastern strata, provides a more accurate indication of the extent of the highlands.

Page 1 of The United Kingdom, or The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, has existed as a group of states since the tenth century. Its official name was given in Its territories haven't changed major since At one point the UK controlled over one-fourth of the earth's land mass /5(2).

This essay aims at comparing two countries’ education policies that is the United States of America and the United Kingdom. The essay will first analyze each country’s education policies separately by explaining their history, development and current implementation.

United Kingdom. ondon is the capital of the United Kingdom. It ranks as one of the world?s most historic cities, tracing its roots back nearly years. London has long been a great world port and trading center.

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The port of London consists of two huge docks and 43 miles of wharves along the Thames River/5(1). United Kingdom: Geographical and historical treatment of the United Kingdom, including maps and statistics as well as a survey of its people, economy, and government.

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