Suzanne roles bio and analysis

She serves as the founding Director of the Center for Native Peoples and the Environment whose mission is to create programs which draw on the wisdom of both indigenous and scientific knowledge for our shared goals of sustainability. Her research interests include the role of traditional ecological knowledge in ecological restoration and the ecology of mosses. In collaboration with tribal partners, she and her students have an active research program in the ecology and restoration of plants of cultural significance to Native people. She is active in efforts to broaden access to environmental science education for Native students, and to create new models for integration of indigenous philosophy and scientific tools on behalf of land and culture.

Suzanne roles bio and analysis

Our Team John D. Full Bio JohnG sscal. Leilani has served in the executive and legislative branches of government as well as at the school district level, and she has worked on an extensive variety of issues in and out of the education field.

With this rich background, Leilani provides strategic advice to clients to advance legislative, budget and regulatory priorities, and to inform clients about developments in Sacramento that will impact client interests. Full Bio LeilaniA sscal.

Debbie brings a wealth of experience in the area of school finance, employment, personnel management, and special education. She has served in increasingly responsible fiscal positions in California school districts for more than 20 years and most recently served as the CBO and Director of Human Resources at the Metropolitan Education District.

Full Bio DebbieF sscal. She has provided guidance to school districts as they work through the Local Suzanne roles bio and analysis and Accountability Plan process and also has extensive experience related to planning and development of charter school facilities, including Proposition Full Bio BriannaG sscal.

Dave also shares his expertise in education funding as a consultant to several statewide education coalitions, providing detailed revenue analyses and funding projections for special education. Prior to joining SSC, Dave served in the legislative and constituent affairs office for the Secretary of State and represented the Secretary before policy committees.

Full Bio DaveH sscal. Herrera - Director, Governmental Relations Patti Herrera, Director, Governmental Relations, serves school districts by advocating for public policies that maintain and advance the interests of K public school students, as well as providing timely information to K field practitioners across the disciplines on legislative and regulatory proposals that will affect their daily work.

Through her work in public education policy making and advocacy, Patti has worked and developed relationships with key policymakers and staff in the State Capitol and relevant state agencies. Full Bio PattiH sscal.

Full Bio KyleH sscal. LaCasse, Associate Vice President, has provided legislative consulting and advocacy services on behalf of school districts and county offices of education throughout California for nearly three decades.

She has been at the forefront of several major K education reform efforts, including categorical flexibility, special education finance, career technical education, education technology, school safety and risk management, and the Local Control Funding Formula.

She has extensive experience working with school agencies in designing legislative platforms and strategic plans, drafting legislation, analyzing bills, assisting in the development of positions, and effectively communicating those positions. She has more than a decade of experience lobbying at the federal level and annually leads a coalition of statewide education organizations to Washington, D.

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Full Bio NancyL sscal. She has served in increasingly responsible human resource and fiscal positions. Prior to joining SSC, Jamie served as the Chief Business Official at Travis Unified School District and was responsible for all business and finance functions and served as a key member of the district's cabinet.

Jamie is a graduate of University of Phoenix with a degree in business administration and marketing.

Suzanne roles bio and analysis

Full Bio JamieM sscal. Robert also monitors the condition of the State Budget and evaluates economic developments in the state and national economies. He tracks and projects Proposition 98 funding levels and Local Control Funding Formula implementation issues. Full Bio RobertM sscal. He also participates in workshops across the state on a variety of topics including the Local Control and Accountability Plan LCAPadvanced collective bargaining, district budgeting, and auditing.

Matt graduated from California State University, Chico, with a degree in business administration with emphasis in accounting.

Full Bio MattP sscal. As an integral member of our Management Consulting Services team, Charlene prepares research and data analysis in order to conduct organizational reviews, efficiency studies, comparative analyses of school district resources and staffing, statewide workshops, informative publications, and other client services.

Full Bio CharleneQ sscal. Full Bio SuzanneS sscal. She serves educational agencies in strengthening operations and resource management through organizational reviews, shared services and efficiency studies, budget reviews, comparative analyses of school district resources and staffing, total compensation studies, and facilities reviews.

She specializes in the impacts of federal health care reform and the demands on employers to provide cost effective and legally compliant benefits. Kathleen also provides negotiations support to local educational agencies LEA and has prepared and presented many school district factfinding cases, resulting in positive and improved labor relations for both the LEA and employee group.

Full Bio KathleenS sscal. Prior to joining SSC, Michelle served as Membership Director for the California Coalition for Youth, an advocacy association of a diverse group of youth, youth advocates, and youth-serving agencies from throughout the state.

Full Bio MichelleU sscal. Vickers - Vice President Sheila G.Research Overview. Assembly of the E. coli 30S ribosomal subunit.. Ribonucleoprotein particles (RNPs) play essential roles in virtually all aspects of cell growth and regulation, ranging from protein synthesis and transport to RNA processing and DNA replication.

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Kephart,S, R. Reynolds, M. Rutter, C. Fenster, & M. Dudash. Pollination and seed predation by moths on Silene and allied Caryophyllaceae: evaluating . Suzanne Nossel currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of PEN America, the leading human rights and free expression organization.

Since joining in , she has doubled the organization’s staff, budget, and membership, spearheaded the unification with PEN Center USA in Los Angeles and the establishment of a Washington DC office, and overseen groundbreaking work on free expression in.

Suzanne Dodd is JPL’s Director for the Interplanetary Network Directorate. She has over 30 years of experience in spacecraft operations, serving as project manager roles on the Voyager Interstellar Mission, the Spitzer Space Telescope and the Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array.

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