Questionnaire consumer s perception regarding the advertising of cellular phones

Marketers have the perception that this technique of persuasion is a winning formulato build up brand image, increase sales revenue and gain strong brand loyalty. Consumers arebombarded by a variety of advertisements every day. Celebrity endorsement is very popular and widely used in advertising from magazines toTV advertisements, from toothpaste to luxury goods, etc. This phenomenon displays the popularity and importance of the practice oncommunicating brand images, where the aim is to communicate the message to consumers in asuitable manner in order to achieve best results possible.

Questionnaire consumer s perception regarding the advertising of cellular phones

Factors That Influence Consumers’ Buying Behavior | Principles of Marketing

Saudi Arabia KSA Abstract Generally, it is not an easy task to process the factors influencing the consumer to accept certain personal care and Cosmetics while assessing is multi-dimensional. Also, it is not always simple to establish the connection between the physiological perception and reaction of the consumer response of in case of personal care or cosmetic products, is not only based on sensory properties of the product and its physical status, but it is also associated with other factors like previous knowledge, previous experience, as well as, consumer attitudes and beliefs.

In the present globalized scenario, the consumers today are much more demanding in terms of quality and safety, product labeling, determination of producers to implement certain health standards, etc. Consumer perception, attitudes, beliefs, Cosmetics, Personal Care Products.

The researcher has conducted the survey at Visakhapatnam, India to assess the Consumer Attitudes and Perception on Personal care products and Cosmetics in India to get the desired results. Introduction As per the latest researches, the global Cosmetic market was billion USD in and is estimated to reach billion USD by growing at a rate of 6.

It is very difficult to understand Consumer attitude which gives both difficulty and development to the company. As per this modern world, the Consumers have lot of interest regarding the cosmetic products and also they having awareness about cosmetic product attributes with respect to health care also.

The marketers of the cosmetic companies need to understand the consumer attitude on cosmetics buying behaviour which brings success and improved market share to the company. The researcher of this study focuses on the factors that affect the buying decisions of consumers in order to get reliable and valid results that helps to the company for focusing on future strategies of marketing.

These cosmetics or personal care products are usually mixtures of chemical compounds or organic ingredients that enhance and alter the appearance or odor, without affecting the function as well as structure of the human body.

Some of the Lotions, powders, gels, deodorants and perfumes and color makeup are among the widely used cosmetic products which add both color and fragrance to the human body. However, some of the beauty products do that using a blend of functional additives, found around us since decades and many of these products are simply variations on the existing theme, made from list of functional additives, such as glycerin, petroleum jelly, volcanic ash, salts, and solvents and so on.

Interestingly, when you apply some of these cosmetic products and personal care products, one can get "cell growth", "wrinkle free skin", "energy infusion", "cellular breakdown" and everything that assures elegance, which helps one feel more sanguine in every aspect of life.

It was found that over the past decade, there has been a robust growth in the global cosmetics market across different product segments and demography across the world.

This research shows that in this segment it is expected to garner sales growth at a CAGR of 3.

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We need to view these components together since they are highly interdependent and together represent forces that influence how the consumer will react to the object under study.

However, the beliefs also need to be understood by the marketers as the consumer may hold both positive beliefs toward an object e. However, some beliefs may be neutral I am black so, the cosmetics may or may not help to improve my skin colorand some may be differ in valance depending on the person or the situation.

The Indian women are more concerned or perceived beauty is not just in terms of face but also in terms of a fit body, confident attitude and impressive personality. Thus the brands try to cater to this specific need with some advertisements are depicted as above. Review of Literature There are many researchers who contributed a lot on consumer attitude.

In those, one of the senior researcher has defined the attitude is a powerful and long term assessment of customers well structured way of thinking and it can be an individual, entity, announcement or a matter Noel, L, or marketing department.

The modern father of Marketing Kotler and Keller, has given a standard understanding of attitudes, which are formed through experience and learning and that attitudes influence buying behavior of any product.

However, the consumer attitudes toward a firm and its products greatly influence the success or failure of the marketer as well as the company under study Kameswara Rao Poranki, Abdulbaset Hasouneh, In many cases the repeated purchase has been influenced by the customer attitudes and perceptions.

Surprisingly, some researchers argued that the interest of consumers are sometimes attracted towards imported cosmetics or personal care products compared to domestic cosmetics as the perception of consumers towards the cosmetics as well as personal care products will change as their features is a key factor while making purchasing decision Davis, The researcher has conducted a comparative study of perception and consumers buying behavior regarding personal care products.

Any study of consumer behavior is the most important factor for marketing of any goods and services. It is noted that the consumer behavior suggest how individual, groups and organization select, buy, use and dispose of goods, services, ideas or experience to satisfy their needs and wants.

Thus, this kind of research offers clues for improving or introducing products or services, setting price, devising channels etc.

Method The research was conducted by administering the structured questionnaire for collecting primary data and secondary data has been taken from internet, newspaper, magazines and companies web sites.

The researcher has collected primary data through sample survey or census surveys from the selected malls and super markets.

The sample design as simple random sampling and the universe is Visakhapatnam of India and the sample size is customers randomly selected for the purpose of the study.

The sampling unit is individual customers while the statistical tools used are bar charts and pie charts. Due to less availability of space for this research paper, the researcher has furnished only tables of the research instead of charts.

To ascertain the demand of these cosmetic and personal care products within the given market under study 3. To analyze the market share with respect to the performance of some branded cosmetics and personal care products Findings 1. This research envisaged to know that the Customer like best quality product on any price in Visakhapatnam city of India 2.

It was found that the word of mouth flow of information is better in most of the cosmetic as well as personal care brands 3.Consumer behaviour regarding perception towards smart phone’s, buying choices; to post-usage behaviour is a subject of research for marketers.

Graham Bell in followed by cellular phones relationship between advertising blend endeavours and brand value. At the end of the day, more.

Questionnaire consumer s perception regarding the advertising of cellular phones

This review provides insight to the researchers regarding and sample size was respondents and survey collected through questionnaire.

concludes that the overall consumers’ attitude towards cell phone services is that they. The study “Service quality expectations and perceptions of Telecom Sector in India” attempts to analyse the gap in service quality of Telecom sector in terms of customers’ expectations and perceptions regarding mobile phone services.

An investigation of consumer behaviour in mobile phone markets in Finland Submission to 32 nd EMAC conference, Track: New Technologies and E-Marketing Jukka Pakola,, Assistant in Economics, [email protected] feel about advertising messages on their mobile phones and how their attitudes including cellular operators, fixed and wireless portals, wireless application service providers, device vendors, consumer brands, lized a questionnaire designed to collect data regarding consumer attitudes, intention, and behavior (see Appendix A).

The. A lot of consumer’s choice may be having both rational features (e.g communication, time management) as well as emotional features (e.g games, music, camera, and application). The younger the consumer the more he would prefer emotional rather than rational features in mobile phones (Wilska, ).