Neodymium research paper

An Ohm speaker with swiveling "egg tweeter". Ohm CAM 16 speaker with "egg tweeter". Nearly all tweeters are electrodynamic drivers using a voice coil suspended within a fixed magnetic field.

Neodymium research paper

My respiratory doctor teaches medicine, is one of the top in his field and is a very talented fine woodworker. He pushed me into putting up these pages that became a clearing house for dust collection information.

This page started with the information he shared.

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Over the years he has enhanced his original suggestions plus approved options that countless others, especially my medical air quality inspector suggested.

Woodworking Environment Now my respiratory doctor recommends all woodworkers start by borrowing, renting, or buying a good fine particle meter such as the Dylos Products Pro particle counter shown.

Neodymium research paper

He knows a good particle meter is very inexpensive compared to the loss of our health, hospitalization, or the medications and equipment needed to treat respiratory problems.

The unhealthiest fine dust is invisible without magnification and most know people who have done woodworking for scores of years, so they often assume they have little risk.

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Even when not doing any woodworking the particle counters show dangerously high airborne dust readings in the shops and homes of those with basement, indoor, or attached garage shops. Too much fine dust exposure will affect everyone, some quickly with allergic or toxic reactions and most after years of exposure develop permanent damage that reduces lifespans and worsen age related diseases.

The problem is woodworking makes huge amounts of airborne fine particles compared to the tiny amounts that can harm our health, and these particles last nearly forever unless they get wet enough to break down.

He really wants woodworkers to see a particle counter so they realize that most have a problem and need to take fine dust collection far more seriously. A good meter will also show how well our cleanup and future dust collection efforts work.

You can buy one of these meters at a discount from Amazon using the link on the right or if you buy directly from Dylos Products please let them know I referred you. After years of working with me and seeing lots of test results my respiratory doctor now tells his patients that the only safe way for those who already have respiratory problems is to thoroughly cleanup their homes and shops, always wear a dual cartridge NIOSH approved properly fit respirator mask when doing wood working, use a dust collection system that captures the fine dust as it is made, and then get rid of the fine dust so it never gets into our shop air!

When doing dusty work that fills the air he recommends wearing the respirator and only working outside. So, he strongly recommends that all woodworkers wear a good NIOSH approved dual cartridge respirator mask, vent our dust collection systems outside, and run a strong exhaust fan blowing out a side or back door.

He recommends leaving our main door cracked about 5" when venting outside as the open door provides both cross ventilation and supplies makeup air to keep from sucking deadly carbon monoxide into your shop from the flues and vents on our fired stoves, appliances, and heaters.

Based on what we found using the particle counters he now recommends your mask and strong fan must go on before we start making dust and both need to stay on for one half hour after we stop making fine dust. Cleanup Back in I developed a bad wood allergy very quickly but had very little idea of what went wrong or how to make repair.

My respiratory doctor strongly suspected my repeated allergy attacks occurred because my home remained badly contaminated, so he told me to get my home inspected and if it was contaminated then it needed cleaned up.

I paid a small fortune to have professional air quality testing. The air quality testing verified my home was badly contaminated just as my doctor suspected. My doctor gave me a simple cleanup plan that did not work.

He told me to go buy the biggest and best air cleaner I could afford, turn it on and leave it on, then do the home clean up. He said all walls and ceilings need vacuumed then damp mopped, all upholstery and drapes need cleaned, all cabinets, closets, drawers and contents need well dusted using a HEPA filtered vacuum then wiped with damp cloths, and then all floors need cleaned.

Carpets and rugs need vacuumed then washed. Wood, tile, laminate, and vinyl floors need vacuumed and damp mopped. I followed his recommendation both doing a thorough cleanup and buying expensive air cleaners. I still kept having allergy attacks, so bought more and better air cleaners, eventually paying a specialty firm to install a central air cleaner on my HVAC system.

After a ton of work and money I owned five portable air cleaners, and one large HVAC air cleaning system, but still was not recovering and had constant bad allergy attacks. I was desperate so bought a particle counter to find and fix each problem.

The particle counter showed my home was badly contaminated even after cleanup and installing the HVAC air cleaner. My particle counter showed a huge amount of the dust came out of my HVAC vents.

Foreword. This information will make the most sense if you start by reading the Introduction then the Dust Collection Basics page followed by the Medical Risks pages then this Doctor's Orders page. My respiratory doctor teaches medicine, is one of the top in his field and is a very talented fine woodworker. Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) have been a recurring theme in science fiction literature and cinema ever since H.G. Wells published the 'War of the Worlds' in Note: On this chart, a radioactive element is called long-lived if the half-life of any of its isotopes is more than one year; otherwise it is called short-lived.

My long-time HVAC repairman showed me with his airflow gauge that the heavy filters the air cleaner firm installed killed the airflow needed to heat and cool our home. Plus, he warned that also killed the airflow needed to keep the fan motors cool so my fan motors could have burned up.

He removed the expensive add on HVAC air cleaner system and had to clean or replace much of the insulated ducting as the poor airflow let a lot build up in my ducts.

That left me using all of my portable air cleaners. My particle counter showed none of those portable air cleaners worked very well. Each kept cleaning the same air around each cleaner. I built my own much more powerful large HEPA filtered air cleaner for less cost than a brand name air cleaner see my free plans at Air Cleaner.

My air cleaner did a great job, but within a few hours of being turned off, my particle counts still went too high and my allergy attacks resumed, so I had to keep cleaning.The periodic table of the elements.

The periodic table is an arrangment of the chemical elements ordered by atomic number so that periodic properties of the .

In this review, excerpts from the literature of thermobaric (TBX) and enhanced blast explosives (EBX) that are concentrated on studies that include their compositions, properties, reactive metal components, modeling and computations are presented.

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Send questions or comments to doi. Foreword. This information will make the most sense if you start by reading the Introduction then the Dust Collection Basics page followed by the Medical Risks pages then this Doctor's Orders page.

My respiratory doctor teaches medicine, is one of the top in his field and is a very talented fine woodworker. A ribbon tweeter uses a very thin diaphragm (often of aluminum, or perhaps metalized plastic film) that supports a planar coil frequently made by deposition of aluminium vapor, suspended in a powerful magnetic field (typically provided by neodymium magnets) to reproduce high frequencies.

The development of ribbon tweeters has more or less followed the development of ribbon microphones.

Neodymium research paper

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