Italian neorealism and bicycle thieves film studies essay

Surrounded by the shambolic ruins of World War II, human and structural, filmmakers had ready-made drama even in their backdrop, the atmosphere anxiety-charged and utterly uncertain. After twenty-one years under Mussolini, all bets were off as to what direction Italy would take. Though unstated, this almost civil war-like tension fuels neo-realist cinema. Characteristics Ideologically, the characteristics of Italian neorealism were:

Italian neorealism and bicycle thieves film studies essay

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Does Bicycle Thieves perfectly embody the elements of Italian neorealism, or does it deviate from these principles in any way?

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First, watch the film in its entirety, paying attention to the story and how it unfolds. Then re-read the analysis of Italian neorealism in our textbook. Which aspects of Italian neorealism does Bicycle Thieves exemplify?

Italian neorealism and bicycle thieves film studies essay

Where does it deviate, if at all? For this essay, you should reference at least one academic outside source besides the textbook. Use your textbook to guide your discussion. Cite all references to the textbook and your outside source in MLA format in the body of the essay and on the works cited page.

For MLA format, review these guidelines.The Bicycle Thieves and Italian Neorealism Posted on March 8, January 18, by James Mooney From the early days of cinema (late nineteenth/ early twentieth century) through the s, theories of film tended to divide into . Bicycle Thieves: The Unspoken Allure of Communism Bicycle Thieves is an exemplary demonstration of Italian neorealism that seeks to use non-professional actors to illustrate the struggle of average people surviving under a Fascist government.

De Sica's use of film techniques such as close-ups heightens the effect of his neo-realist aesthetic. 1 NYU DEPARTMENT OF CINEMA STUDIES. Italian Cinema. Armes, Roy.. Patterns of realism. South Brunswick, NJ: A.

S. Barnes, Bazin, André.. What is Cinema, vol.

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Bicycle Thieves (Italian: Ladri di biciclette; sometimes known in the United States as The Bicycle Thief) is a Italian drama film directed by Vittorio De film follows the story of a poor father searching post-World War II Rome for his stolen bicycle, without which he will lose the job which was to be the salvation of his young ashio-midori.comed by: Ercole Graziadei, Sergio Bernardi, Count Cicogna.

The Bicycle Thieves directed by Vittorio Di Sica was filmed in , and it takes place in Italy during the late s. The film was a part of the Neorealist movement in cinema, originating from the writings of magazines like Cinema and film critics who were rebelling against the Italian film industry under Mussolini (filmosophy)%(3).

Published: Mon, 5 Dec It is evident that Italian Neorealism and the life of post-war shaped the film Bicycle Thieves (). However, with much debate, one can argue that the sentimental nature of the film overwhelms the films potential to make a forceful political statement.

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