Interpirtation of the short story lust by susan minot essay

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Interpirtation of the short story lust by susan minot essay

The way she dresses up is like a little shy girl does.

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Even at home she wears her nightgown carefully and conservatively. Because of bashfulness and ignorance, she tightly locks the collar, as well as her openness. Therefore, her conservative dress-up also shows her naivete. Sandra detests the men hitting on her at the bowling alley.

In the evening, Homer often goes to the bowling alley, waiting for Sandra to get off work.

Analysis Of Lust By Susan Minot Essay

Obviously, she is still in a naive age and she is unwilling to receive any sexual contacts or harassments, even just some leering gazes. So to speak, she is constrained and ignorant to love and men. She dislikes neither seducing others nor being flirted.

Interpirtation of the short story lust by susan minot essay

Her disgust of the truck drivers is the epitome of her naivete, ignorance, and strong self-restraint female sexuality. The presence of Thyme family helps to prevent the friendship between Homer and Sandra from developing into an intimate relationship.

In this way, Homer and Sandra have to refrain themselves from any intimacies. Their presence averts the relationship between Homer and Sandra from going more intimate. In fact, cave stands for emptiness; watered-down stew refers to a feeling of depression and feebleness; petal gets plunked relate to injury, pain, and loss of dignity.

At this point, the author attempts to describe her as a superficial girl who seeks for love and fulfillment and only obtains never-ending void. These temporary pleasures actually only bring her a sense of loss and emptiness. Minot uses the symbolism to make her existence miserable, ironic, and dispensable, highlighting her promiscuity and inanity female sexuality.

Her attitude towards men is: She keeps starting and ending the relationship with these boys and she always knows how to please them. More important, she feels so nature to stay and sleep with different partners without any shame or guilt. Her numbness of sex and lack of self-restraint reveals her casual and promiscuous female sexuality.

On one hand, her parents never really stop the relationship between her and other partners. Attending a boarding school, both her classmates and her have a lot of opportunities to hang out, stay sleep together, and attend parties.

In another word, she is able to spend much time on all kinds of entertainment and associating with different boys. Thus, without parental attention and affection, she gradually develops her negative sexuality, which is promiscuous and lack of self-restraint. Summer represents the transition between childhood and adolescence, which works in concert with the content that Sandra is still in her naive age because of innocence and lack of awareness.

Interpirtation of the short story lust by susan minot essay

The frequently change of those male names reveals her promiscuous and void. They are both young girls; however, they have opposite female sexuality. She tears herself to pieces because too many partners exist in her world, which eventually makes her feel herself has disappeared.

Choose Type of service.In the short story, “Lust” by Susan Minot, the story begins with a young girl talking about the first time she had sex with a boy, as the story goes on she talks more and more about boys she is with and the different situations she in with them.

Clarissa English 1B Essay #1 05/04/ “Lust” The the short story “Lust” by Susan Minot is about teenage sex, written in a first person point of view. The main character of the story is the narrator herself. The Ups and Downs of the Sexual Movement Displayed in “Lust” by Susan Minot Words | 5 Pages.

The short story “Lust” by Susan Minot details the life of a high school girl who has succumbed to the pressure of her surroundings. Aug 07,  · This video was created for an English class.

The content here is based off of a short story called "Lust" by Susan Minot. LUST is a short, autobiographical, serious fiction, written by Susan Minot. The author talks about her fleeting, lustful relationships which were seemingly interesting in the beginning eventually faded away leaving a feeling of disgust, guilt and vacuum within herself.

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