Ib extended essay in science

The computer science elective courses were moved to Group 4 as a full course from first examinations in

Ib extended essay in science

Our goal is to look not at what we produce, but at the difference we make to every student. Students are encouraged to question, take responsibility for their learning, and reflect on it at regular intervals. IB Diploma students normally have study periods per 6 day cycle, depending on courses chosen.

Report cards come 3 times a year with comments. New students get a progress report if they have only been with us for 6 weeks. Cambridge IGCSE assessment takes place at the end of the two-year course and includes written, oral, coursework, and practical assessments.

Students are not encouraged to change subjects during the program.

With the exceptions of some of the arts programs, each IB Course has exams at the end of the two years and some internal assessment during the course. Students are leaders in their own learning, exploring knowledge and reflecting on their context within a specific situation and within the world as a whole.

Ib extended essay in science

This is a time of independence, leadership and service. CIS prepares students for success in post-secondary education and life as an adult. All IB candidates and their parents are required to undergo intensive curriculum explanation sessions with the IB Coordinator and the guidance counselor in order to make informed and educated choices.

We have a number of partnerships with companies in Bangalore for students to access a range of skills and experiences. Within the IBDP, our students take part in an IB Retreat where they learn all about the program, its structure, and what to expect for the next two years, as well as team-building and leadership exercises.

How to Write an Extended Essay?

During the first year of IBDP, our students also go on a CAS excursion where they will get the chance to work on a week-long project in India or overseas. Students who wish to join the school in Grade 9 or 10 will be tested for English and Mathematics, and their current course of study will be considered in conjunction with their testing score.

They will be tested in English, Math and a Science of their choosing.


These scores, along with reports and grade cards from previous schools, will be considered for admission. Distinction, Merit and Pass. IB results are consistently above the worldwide average for Diploma points achieved. All IB candidates and their parents are required to undergo intensive curriculum explanation sessions with the IB Coordinator and Guidance Counselor in order to make informed and educated choices.The IB Extended Essay (or EE) is a 4, word structured mini-thesis that you write under the supervision of an advisor (an IB teacher at your school), which counts towards your IB Diploma (to learn about all of the IB diploma requirements, check out our other article).

extended essay under consideration. Criterion A: Focus and Method – 6 points possible The title should clearly indicate the area of research, with the underlying computer science forming the principle basis of the essay.

The International Baccalaureate curriculum provides a cohesive and comprehensive liberal arts and sciences program of study for highly motivated juniors and seniors of differing educational backgrounds, abilities, and interests. Below are Extended Essay Exemplars in some of the most common subjects submitted to IB.

They include the IB examiner's comments on each part of the rubric. Note that all of the Extended Essays that have been uploaded have been graded as A papers by IB.

Extended Essay. LINK TO SUBJECT GUIDES. LINK TO SAMPLE EXTENDED ESSAYS (ashio-midori.com). The Extended Essay is a - word research paper that is required for all full Diploma Candidates. International Baccalaureate Malaysia.

Ib extended essay in science

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