How to write a history journal article review

Writing an Article Review When writing a review of an article published in a professional journal or anthology, focus on a topic or issue that draws your attention.

How to write a history journal article review

Share Mission Control Center, Houston, Lately, that vision of Mission Control has taken over City Hall. Inwhen Few published the first edition of his Information Dashboard Design manual, folks were just starting to recognize the potential of situated media. Thackara identified a host of dashboard players already on the scene — companies like Juice Software, KnowNow, Rapt, Arzoon, ClosedloopSolutions, SeeBeyond, and CrossWorlds — whose names conjured up visions of an Omniscient Singularity fueled by data, hubris, and Adderall.

The prevalence and accessibility of data are changing the way we see our cities, in ways that we can see more clearly when we examine the history of the urban dashboard. Bloomberg terminals, which debuted inallowed finance professionals to customize their multi-screen displays with windows offering real-time and historical data regarding equities, fixed-income securities, and derivatives, along with financial news feeds and current events because social uprisings and natural disasters have economic consequences, tooand messaging windows, where traders could provide context for the data scrolling across their screens.

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Over the last three decades, the terminals have increased in complexity. As in a flight cockpit, the Bloomberg systems involve custom input devices: The widespread adoption of the Bloomberg terminal notwithstanding, it took a while for dashboards to catch on in the corporate world.

He argues that the Enron scandal incited a cultural shift. The dashboard market now extends far beyond the corporate world. Another click reveals a graph of annual trends and a citation for the data source, but little detail about how the data are actually derived. How the public is supposed to use this information is an open question.

Such projects embody a variety of competing ideologies. They open up data to public consumption and use. The term dashboard, first used inoriginally referred to the board or leather apron on the front of a vehicle that kept horse hooves and wheels from splashing mud into the interior.

Why, all the mud of course! Among the very pragmatic reasons that particular forces, resources, and variables have historically thwarted widgetization is that we simply lacked the means to regulate their use and measure them.

The history of the dashboard, then, is simultaneously a history of precision measurement, statistics, instrument manufacturing, and engineering — electrical, mechanical, and particularly control engineering. Inthe standard package consisted solely of an ammater, an instrument that measured electrical current, although you could pay extra for a speedometer.

The lone dashboard instrument in an early Model T Ford. The driver needed only a binary signal: The dashboard thus progressively simplified the information relayed to the driver, as much of the hard intellectual and physical labor of driving was now done by the car itself.

It serves both to market the car and to cultivate the identity and agency of the driver: In an actual fighter jet, of course, all those gauges play a more essential operational role. Cockpit of a North American FD jet fighter, The instrumentation of piloting represented a new step in automation, according to Jones and Watson, authors of Digital Signal Processing.

Still, the dashboard and its user had to evolve in response to one another. The increasing complexity of the flight dashboard necessitated advanced training for pilots — particularly through new flight simulators — and new research on cockpit design.

how to write a history journal article review

Phone lines linked controllers to the various airfields, which communicated with individual planes by high-frequency radio. A special red hotline went directly to Fighter Command headquarters at Bentley Priory. Plotters hovered around the situation map.

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On this totalizator, or tote board, controllers could see at a glance the pertinent operational details — latest weather, heights of the balloon barrage layer guarding key cities, and most especially, fighter status. That was the Control Room of No. Using a button console on their chair armrests, administrators could control which datafeed was displayed — graphs of production capacities, economic charts, photos of factories, and so forth.

It was a proud moment for the humble push-button — that primary means of offering binary input into our dashboards — which, in the course of a century, changed the way we started our cars, summoned our servants, dialed our phones, manufactured our Space Sprockets, and demonstrating its profound ethical implications waged our wars.The Historical Journal continues to publish papers on all aspects of British, European, and world history since the fifteenth century.

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The best contemporary scholarship is represented. Contributions come from all parts of the world. The journal aims to publish some thirty-five articles and communications each year and to review recent historical literature, mainly in the form of.

Browse Review articles from the New England Journal of Medicine. Nov 16,  · How to Write an Article Review. In this Article: Article Summary Preparing to Write Your Review Writing the Article Review Sample Article Reviews Community Q&A An article review is both a summary and an evaluation of another writer's article.

Teachers often assign article reviews to introduce students to the work of experts in the field%().

how to write a history journal article review How to Write History that People Want to Read (): Ann Curthoys, Ann McGrath: Books. Psychosomatic Medicine, founded in , is the official organ of the American Psychosomatic Society.

It publishes experimental and clinical studies dealing with various aspects of the relationships among social, psychological, and behavioral factors and bodily processes in humans and animals. It is an international, interdisciplinary journal .

Dec 19,  · An effective way to write article reviews for your research thesis or research synopsis, please go through easy steps of article also know as literature review writing.

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