How to get handguns out of the hands of americas youth

Where school shooters get their guns March 12, By Daniel B.

How to get handguns out of the hands of americas youth

One way to stop gun crime is to add 5 or more years to a jail sentence if convicted of committing and crime using a firearm. January 8,2: There are examples of prisons in the US that actually turn a profit using prison labor.

Make these the models for the other prisons. It also teaches trades and self-respect to the inmates, truly rehabilitating them and preparing them with real, usable skills when they are released.

How to get handguns out of the hands of americas youth

The very idea of privately run, for profit prisons should send a chill up the spine of anyone capable of critical thought. These draftees would free up the true volunteer Armed Forces from mundane jobs, which would still teach a work ethic and discipline, learn what a firearm truly is and how easy firearm safety can be accomplished, destroy the myths perpetrated by the media on how firearms work for example, no pointing a firearm with an everlasting magazine at others who conveniently fall over dead and all return fire missesand get them off the street at the prime gang recruitment age, and gain a sense of pride for a job well done.

If not, the person is placed on ready reserve status still subject to the UCMJ. Another option is to send them through basic training for firearm familiarization and to build discipline, assign them to the national guard for the same period of service with the daily mission to clean up Urban Blight, repair the homes of the aged, care for the aged, fight forest fires, clean up the environment, etc.

Again, the person can stay in with retention of rank, time in grade, and time in service. If not, ready reserves under the strictures of the UCMJ. Because national guard service is part time for the regular personnel, Vets with honorable discharges and clean service records could volunteer to supervise the draftees.

The Vets would enter at least as an E-5 or an O-1 with a college degree and would see more rapid promotions. All this begs the question: How can there be so many stupid people out there who are clueless? Then walk to your office and release criminals with gun offenses from prison….

Furthermore nobody has said what a common sense law is….


There has to be something in it…but nobody has bothered to think of actual real ideas…. They hate the idea of their subjects having discourse. Once it gets so bad people are begging for them to take our guns for our own protection, then we will be selecting children to compete in the hunger games.

Why else would they give gun criminals a pass yet crucify weed dealers…. Our government and the Elite knows they have screwed us over, and they know that we know so they are very nervous. Poor never affected values. We all had shot guns and rifles.

We would hunt rabbit ,squirl and any game we could put on our table and we raised a garden for our veggies. If a young man or girl removed one of our hunting weapons without just cause they got their ass busted really good and read the right act.

I am sure that teaching responsability and values must be taught in the home by responsable parents. It starts in the home not in government regulations. If they have a single parent which is most usually the female then a family member needs to help with their knowledge.

My point is—Not being able to raise your children without government interference and use the bible term spare the rod spoil the child. I believe all violence starts in the home and injects into sociaty.

Bust that ass when it gets out of line early in life.This makes the theft of 6, guns reported in the CIR/Frontline show "Hot Guns" only 25% of all cases reported to ATF in the past two and one-half years.

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Top 5 American-Made Hunting Rifles. by Philip Massaro - Tuesday, July 4, lever designs—and I love many of them—I could happily spend all my deer hunting time with a Savage Model 99 in my hands. Topped with a good, trim scope, and a cartridge capable of shots to yards or so, it’d do anything I could.

Check out the stories. Best Youth Guns: Choosing a Firearm for Your Child; [] post is out!

How to get handguns out of the hands of americas youth

Hand-picked deals we'd buy ourselves and updated all day. Share Tweet. Pin 6. Choosing the best gun for your child is about more than models and brand names. It is about setting your child on the path and way of life. Fred is an old hand when it comes to.

Adopted by Council on October 28, ; Updated May, , and June, To be reviewed April Danger from firearms is a disturbing reality in the lives of our children and adolescents.

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