How old viewpoints of tattoos affect

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How old viewpoints of tattoos affect

Tagong Monastery with prayer flags Tibetan architecture contains Chinese and Indian influences, and reflects a deeply Buddhist approach.

The prayer wheelalong with two deer or dragons, can be seen on nearly every gompa in Tibet. The most unusual feature of Tibetan architecture is that many of the houses and monasteries are built on elevated, sunny sites facing the south, and are often made of a mixture of rocks, wood, cement and earth.

Little fuel is available for heat or lighting, so flat roofs are built to conserve heat, and multiple windows are constructed to let in sunlight. Walls are usually sloped inwards at 10 degrees as a precaution against frequent earthquakes in the mountainous area.

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World Heritage Site[ edit ] Standing at meters in height and meters in width, the Potala Palacedesignated as a World Heritage site in and extended to include the Norbulingka area inis considered a most important example of Tibetan architecture.

It is divided into the outer White Palace, which serves as the administrative quarters, and the inner Red Quarters, How old viewpoints of tattoos affect houses the assembly hall of the Lamas, chapels, 10, shrines and a vast library of Buddhist scriptures.

Traditional architecture[ edit ] Traditional Kham architecture is seen in most dwellings in Kangding. Kham houses tend to be spacious and fit in well with their environment. Their floors and ceilings are wooden, as houses are throughout in Kangding. Modern Kangding city is now rebuilt, eliminating the earlier fire-prone wooden architecture].

How old viewpoints of tattoos affect

Horizontal timber beams support the roof and these in turn are supported by wooden columns. Although the area has been heavily logged, wood is imported and used abundantly for housing.

The interiors of houses are usually paneled with wood and the cabinetry is ornately decorated. Although various materials are used in the well-built houses, it is the skilful carpentry that is striking. This skill is passed down from father to son and there appear to be plenty of carpenters.

However a threat to traditional Tibetan carpentry is the growing use of concrete structures. Some consider the increased use of concrete as a deliberate infiltration of the Chinese influence into Tibet.

In Gaba Townshipwhere there are few Han Chinesealmost all the structures are traditional. Under the 13th Dalai Lamathe Tengyeling monastery was demolished in for seeking to come to terms with the Chinese.

The major destruction happened during the Cultural Revolution. Starting in the s, Tibetans have begun to restore those monasteries that survived. This has become an international effort. Experts are teaching the Tibetans how to restore the building and save the remaining monasteries on the eastern plateau.

Simbiling Monastery was completely flattened inalthough it has to some degree been restored. Tashi Lhunpo Monastery shows the influence of Mongol architecture. Tradruk Temple is one of the oldest in Tibet, said to have been first built in the 7th century during the reign of Songtsen Gampo of the Tibetan Empire ?

Jokhang was also originally built under Songsten Gampo. The monastery grew to hold monks. Tsozong Gongba Monastery is a small shrine built around the fourteenth century Palcho Monastery was founded in and known for its kumbum which has chapels on its four floors.

Chokorgyel Monasteryfounded in the 2nd Dalai Lama once housed monks but was completely destroyed during the Cultural Revolution.

How old viewpoints of tattoos affect

Ramoche Temple is an important temple in Lhasa. The original building complex was strongly influenced by Tang dynasty architectural style as it was first built by Han Chinese architects in the middle of the 7th century.

Princess Wencheng took charge of this project and ordered the temple be erected facing east to show her homesickness.Most corporations and small businesses have no formal policies toward tattoos or piercings. Yet most HR managers also concede that all things being equal, they will hire the more clean-cut employee.

In assessing both the historical aspect and today’s viewpoints, it’s not difficult to appreciate that many countries around the world play a significant role on creating a perception that tattoos are simply a form of self-expression or that it is reflection of maladaptive behavior.

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