Halina mountain resort case

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Halina mountain resort case

Jane informs her that she wants a massage but isn't sure what they offer. Jane just went through a big life experience that caused a lot of stress, so she just wants to relax. Lilly tries not to pry, and suggests their NURU massage since it involves a body-sliding technique that is definitely not included in your standard massage packages.

Jane agrees to try it. Lilly leads Jane to the private room and explains the steps of the massage - undressing, shower, and then a massage on the mat.

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She says that some clients prefer privacy during the undressing but Jane invites her to stay, she's about to see her naked for the rest of the massage after all.

The two small-talk and seem to get along well as they undress and begin to shower together. Lilly asks what's causing her to be stressed? Jane tells her that her body is fine, she's just tired and worn out mentally since it's been a crazy week. She and her boyfriend just decided to elope, and her family has been furious ever since they found out.

They haven't even told her new husband's family yet - she hasn't even met them, so it's been nothing but stress ever since.

Lilly listens sympathetically and says she can see why Jane wants a massage, that sounds like a wild situation. They share some small talk, Halina mountain resort case when Lilly sees Jane's wedding ring, she remarks that it looks quite expensive. Jane boasts that her husband's a lawyer.

Small world, they agree with a smile. The shower goes on otherwise uneventfully, and while the girl-on-girl rubdown is full of sensual touching and moans of pleasure, it's not directly sexual - Lilly seems attracted to Jane, but doesn't seem to want to seduce a married woman.

Jane meanwhile blissfully mentions that Lilly's hands on her breasts and ass 'feels really good' in the same way it would if she was massaging her shoulders.

After the shower, the girls move to the final stage of the massage on the mat. Lilly begins to apply the NURU gel all over both their bodies, coating their smooth skin and perky breasts with glistening oil. They continue small-talking, and Lilly casually asks what Jane's husband's name is.

When Jane tells her his name, Lilly freezes.

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Lilly stops what she's doing and sits up. That's her brother's name, she explains. Jane looks at her with an awkward smile. I guess that makes us sisters-in-law! She can't believe her brother didn't tell her he was getting married!

Jane says she's sorry - she didn't know his reasoning, or anything. Lilly tries to get over it and tells Jane not to worry about it - she can keep her professional and private lives separate.

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Jane is surprised, saying does she really think it's still appropriate to go through with the massage? Lilly says that them being sisters-in-law doesn't change anything, they're already naked together.

Halina mountain resort case

Jane replies that she's worried Lilly is taking things too far. Now that they've put the pieces together, she remembers her husband told her once that his sister is a lesbian and that she had a habit of trying to steal his old girlfriends.

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Lilly admits that that's true, but that she doesn't do that type of juvenile prank anymore. When Lilly tries to continue with the massage, Jane stops her, still not feeling comfortable with being touched by a lesbian.

She's not even gay! Lilly says that that's what all his ex-girlfriends said too, and she converted every last one of them. Girls just can't resist her! Jane doesn't believe her, but Lilly says it's true and she'll even bet her on it.

If Jane agrees to have sex with her and then still swears by the end of it that Lilly's brother does it better, or any guy she's been with for that matter, then Lilly will help smooth things over with the rest of her family. Jane thinks it through, and hesitantly agrees.

Lilly begins to massage her new sister again, only this time with erotic intent. At first Jane is determined to not enjoy herself, but very quickly she finds herself melting under Lilly's expert touch. Since she already has Jane warmed up from the massage, Lilly dives straight into tribbing and eating pussy, which drives Jane wild.

Maybe Jane might be converted after all!TITLE OF THE CASE: Halina Mountain Resort (A) TIME CONTEXT: SUMMARY: Victor Herrera, chairman of the board of Blue Heights Realty & Development Corporation, desired to launch his company’s first big project, a mineral hot spring resort at Bucal, Calamba, Laguna named Halina Mountain Resort (A).

Halina Mountain Resort Part Harvard Case Study Solution and Analysis of Harvard Business Case Studies Solutions – Assignment HelpIn most courses studied at Harvard Business schools, students are provided with a case study.

Majo. View Notes - Halina MOuntain Resort Case Study from BSACT at University of the East, Caloocan.

Halina mountain resort case


Carolino Business Policy Title Case: Halina Mountain Resort (A) I. Brief Background of the case Overview: In July , Victor Herrera, chairman of the board of BHR&DC want to launch his company’s big project which is a spring resort at Bucal, Calamba Laguna. Lets All Shower Together Kendra Lust plays dumb while her stepson, Jessy Jones and his girlfriend, Zoe Clark, fuck in the shower right behind her as she ashio-midori.com a stretch, the sex-starved stepmom just can’t take it anymore – Kendra joins the college-aged couple and shows them the time of their lives.

HALINA MOUNTAIN RESORT SEPTEMBER Halina Mountain Resort is a family owned business since in Laguna. It is managed by Jun Herrera, the son of the owner Victor Herrera together with his cousin Benjamin Estacio which is the resort manager.

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