First world war research paper

These questions can also be used for short answer responses, research tasks, homework and revision activities. If you would like to suggest a question for this page, please contact Alpha History. The world before 1. Explain why nationalism was a significant force in 19th century Germany.

First world war research paper

World War I term papers Disclaimer: Free essays on World War I posted on this site were donated by anonymous users and are provided for informational use only. Dwight E, It was fought by many nations around the world, with Europeans being the main players, and is very significant for the way it shaped the continents years after it ended.

Many explanations for the possible causes of the war have been given, some of which have been accepted while others have been disputed. The war was fought in a series of battles fought at different locations at different times and involved over 65million men.

This paper discusses the genesis, chronology of events during the war, the main players, the casualties and the implication of the war on modern history. The Genesis, Main Players, Events, Casualties and Implications First of all, it is thought that competition among the major European powers First world war research paper an ingredient in fuelling the war.

This was so especially between Britain and Germany, who were competing to have the most powerful navy in the world. All parties were building up large armies and navies, and from this there emerged a professional and powerful class of military officers.

At one point, Germany had a well trained, large army that could match the entire army of Great Britain. This led to emergence of tension in Europe, which might have acted as a catalyst for the war.

First world war research paper

Dwight E, Secondly, at about the same time, the Scramble for Africa was taking place, and there was a myriad of conflicts among the various colonial powers. The rush to acquire new territories led to enmity between the colonists over disputed regions.

To make matters worse, the to war between the French and the Germans in which Germany won helped to foster distrust between the two nations.

People were very eager to prove how strong or important their country was and each felt superior in comparison to other countries.

This nurtured hatred among the countries and made them eager to go to war to prove their might. Another significant cause of the war is a set of alliance systems that had been put in place to prevent war.

After the Franco-Prussian war, a system of tangled alliances between European nations emerged. There was a secret Franco-Italian Alliance, whereby in event of war, and Germany attacked France, Italy would remain neutral.

They were meant to prevent war, but instead magnified small conflicts into big ones. He was heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and was murdered by a group of Serbian nationalists, led by Gavrillo Princip. Following this, Austro-Hungarian officials issued an ultimatum to Serbia containing five concessions that it wanted fulfilled.

After the expiry of the ultimatum, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. Dwight E, The major players in the war included Russia, who was involved because of the treaty to Serbia, while Germany was also tied to Austria-Hungary by a treaty. Dwight E, Italy initially succeeded in avoiding taking part by invoking a clause that stated that it was only obligated to join a defensive war, and Germany and Austria-Hungary were waging an offensive.

It pleaded neutrality untilwhen she finally joined the war. Gilbert, Martin, Finally, the United States had declared neutrality in a policy by the then president Wilson Woodrow. The note revealed a German plot to persuade Mexico to go to war with the United States.

At this point, America declared war on the side of the allies on April 6, By the end of the war; she had almost 5million men and women in the army. Walsh, Jeffrey, One of the highlights of the First World War was the first usage of new war technologies like the machine gun, airplanes, submarines, poison gas, powerful explosives, flame throwers, hand grenades, accurate long-range artillery and tanks.

Airplanes had earlier been used to identify targets for ground bombardment, but now they were used for aerial bomdardment of targets. This explains the extensive damage the war inflicted. Walsh, Jeffrey, There was a series of major battles fought during the war and this included the battles of Marne, Ypres, Verdun, the Somme, Cambrai among others.

There were two battle of Marne fought in and Here, German soldiers made rapid advances into Belgium and northern France, causing the French to respond by ferrying soldiers in to halt the advance. They succeeded for some time but Germans again approached the Marne inand Gilbert, Martin, The battles of Ypres were fought in, and It is in this battle that the Germans used poison gas as a means of waging war.

The battle of July 31, was fought in bad weather and led to overcasualties, mainly through drowning in mudflows. The Canadians were in the frontline in this battle and managed to take the town of Passchendale on November 6, Free Term Papers on World War I available at, the largest free term paper community.

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What do I need. First World War popular song has been praised in Britain for keeping up «morale» and helping the war drive, or criticized for glorifying war and empire. Yet almost all the songs lie forgotten in archives, and the reputation of wartime song was forged with little reference to the variety of repertoire and process in the thousands of songs released.

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G.” addresses a critical retro-perspective on national memory and academic cultures of the First World War. It specially focuses on the question of how far female and gender historical approaches played a role in the emerging boom in concerning the scientific and, media-public activities. This sample World War I Research Paper is published for educational and informational purposes only. Free research papers are not written by our writers, they are contributed by users, so we are not responsible for the content of this free sample paper. The play was set in , (two years before the start of the First World War) and presented to a later audience after the Second World War in J.B Priestley however thought that social awareness of the world for caring for one another was not practiced enough.

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