Fiction essays of future landscape architecture

Landscape architects work for many different organizations, including real estate development firms, municipalities, or parks and recreation facilities.

Fiction essays of future landscape architecture

The Future of Landscape: Doreen Massey Interview by Andrew Stevens. Firstly, can I ask how you came to be involved with The Future of Landscape? I am aware that Patrick Keiller had interviewed you for his Dilapidated Dwelling project but could you say something on how these actual collaborations came about?

We had exchanged ideas a number of times over the years. On Dilapidated Dwelling, as you say, but also more than that. Patrick quoted me in Robinson in Space. I was interested in his collection of early urban film tracks.

Architecture Meets Literature: Professor Angeliki Sioli Co-Edited Book Reading Architecture

Our paths crossed on a number of occasions — at the Serpentine Gallery Marathon, for instance. It seemed right that we should have a more sustained conversation. And landscape is an ideal subject to share.

I had also known Patrick Wright for ages his work a lot, and personally a little so the opportunity to team up was intriguing. I understand that the project almost segues on from your book For Space?

Fiction essays of future landscape architecture

That involves a lot of listening, and thinking. Out of this, each of us is producing a different contribution. The point you make about following on from For Space is really important. There is a counterpoint between concepts of space and concepts of landscape, and I investigate that. So I take up the question of how to understand landscape and the question of what we can learn or be provoked into thinking about from this particular landscape and this mode of filming it.

From Architecture to Landscape

Peculiar yes, but also exemplary of the more general rise to dominance of the notion and real power of market forces. This is why Polanyi is so central. This is challenged in the film, and I try to draw out some of the implications of that argument.

It is a process through which one learns. Where do they end up? A lot of enquiry consists in reformulating the initiating question.

What do you make of globalization cheerleaders like Phillipe Legrain and their arguments that globalization frees the world from the tyranny of geography? There could be a whole thesis countering this but at the most simple of levels, what of the pleasures of travel?

This inattention betrays a deeper attitude.

Fiction essays of future landscape architecture

Our overvaluation of speed time here as only money has robbed us of many things that are at least equally precious. What an impoverished view of the planet! What of the variety of place? What of specificity and difference?

Future forecasting: landscape architects might save the world

If time is the dimension of change, then space is the dimension of coexisting difference. And that is both a source of nourishment something that the globalisation gurus seem altogether to have foregoneand a challenge how negotiate difference, how to address inequality, and so forth.Places Journal is an essential and trusted resource on the future of architecture, landscape, and urbanism.

We harness the power of public scholarship to promote equitable cities and resilient landscapes. In these pages you will find writers, designers, .


Landscape architecture is always already collaborative. It works with “materials” that have a life of their own, and designs with all the phenomena of the living world.

Mine is an extended essay on Space/landscape/politics that engages with the film, and the form of the film, as well as with the landscape, through the perspective of my own long engagement with concepts of .

Posts about landscape essay written by LAM Staff. Elizabeth Meyer, FASLA, the Merrill D. Peterson Professor of Landscape Architecture at the University of Virginia School of Architecture, will be at the ASLA Center for Landscape Architecture on March 9, Orongo Station, Poverty Bay, New Zealand.

[Nelson Byrd Woltz]Slowly — fitfully — landscape architecture is remaking itself. Its adherents are venturing from the confines of garden, park, and plaza into strange and difficult territory, where they face challenges of .

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