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I landed on a talk radio station, the Cosmo channel, and the guest was the editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine. Apparently, the editor is also the person who gives workplace advice. I say apparently because I am not a regular reader or listener. The conversation caught my attention because the topic was how to give feedback at work.

Case a hrm incident hr after

There was an interesting wrongful dismissal case out of the Ontario Superior Court recently called Cavaliere v. The employee was dismissed for cause without notice for engaging in sexual relationships with two subordinates spanning a decade.

The employee argued that the relationships were consensual, and therefore the employer did not have cause. In addition, after the first incident, the employer had given the employee a warning to avoid any sort of relationship with female employees, a warning which the employee ignored by entering into a new affair almost immediately.

Even though the judge finds cause and therefore no notice is requiredhe goes on to consider what the notice would have been in case he was wrong about there being cause.

He finds notice would have been 18 months. The employer argued that the notice amount is set out in the contract, which read: Here, the employer did allege cause, and therefore the term does not apply. At best, it is ambiguous as to whether the term applies to a dismissal for alleged cause, and we know from cases like Christensen v.

Family Counselling Centre that an ambiguous notice term will not be enforced by the courts. That conclusion is questionable see Lloyd v. Oracle for a discussion of the enforceability of a notice clause that complies with the ESA.

The 18 months notice would have been reduced to 6 months, though, because the employee spent twelve months renovating his cottage with his forgiving spouse, rather than looking for a job. Costs Finally, I mention the issue of costs, because it is a point I raise with my students about the economics of wrongful dismissal cases.

The decision includes a detailed discussion of the costs issue. The employer wins this case, and asks for legal costs. The Judge notes on p. In other words, the legal costs were slightly greater than the amount the employee was claiming. The judge believes that the legal issues were no so complex that an employment law firm should have needed that much research done.

That would be on top of the money he had already paid his own lawyer. So you can see the point I make in class:Human Resource Management Final Exam Sample Questions by Ramesh C. Reddy. A written warning is a common component of an employee discipline policy. In this lesson, you'll learn about written warnings, related concepts, and be provided some examples.

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Case a hrm incident hr after

Reading comprehension questions test your ability to understand a passage and answer question on the basis of what is stated and implied in the passage.

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