Art craft in tourism a study based

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Art craft in tourism a study based

Small unique sculpture, plus a thank you card. I wanted to see how craft and art practises there dealt with promotion of their businesses, and discover if there was anything we in Ireland could learn from them. I picked Cape Breton because it has many similarities to Ireland. An island based off of a continent, similar sized population, isolated areas, and so on.

I learnt a lot in my month there, was invited back in for the Celtic Colours festival and was able to see more. The only problem was it left me pondering other questions; questions that have taken time for my mind to fully comprehend. I had to ponder the subject and carry out a few experiments of my own to see if I was on the right track.

This and a recent trip to teach in Germany have given me a glimpse of a bigger picture and I hope to share some of my pondering with you here.

Being brushed aside is our biggest problem; but not just ours, the wider community too. Art and craft businesses have a hugely disproportionate effect on the businesses and general culture around them.

The problem is that this effect does not show up on any statistics. How we measure the worth of a business to the community is generally through the volume of employment generated by businesses. The simple truth is artists, crafts people, or creative industries in general create an atmosphere that others want to be part of.

Most people may not know why they prefer to eat lunch in a particular area or why they are drawn to stay an extra few days in a region when on holiday. Others will be drawn to that area because their friends hang out there. But it is clear that many places around the world were rejuvenated by creative people and businesses, and this has had a disproportionate effect on the businesses around them.

The vast majority of areas have been rejuvenated through fortunate accidents. In many cases, artists and crafts people moved into the areas that nobody else really wanted to base themselves.

Art craft in tourism a study based

The rent in such areas was, crucially, cheap. Another vital aspect is that usually these areas are subjected to loose or looser regulations. Often, adaptable industrial spaces allowed for a diverse span of artists and crafts people to exist close to one another.

Before long the coffee shops open up, then the bars, the galleries, and soon other businesses want to be part of this vibrant atmosphere.

The problem is that the creative individuals and businesses responsible for kick-starting the area on the way to rejuvenation become priced out by the success they helped generate. Inevitably, the area becomes a tourist trap. Then there are areas where rejuvenation is engineered through craft and art.

West Kilbride in Scotland is one of the best examples I could find. There, artists and crafts people took over disused buildings one by one as they generated income for the rehabilitation of the town by providing studios for creative businesses.

This in turn attracted other businesses, as with the accidental rejuvenations, but avoided the creative ones being priced out by their own success. Whichever way you look at this issue, the big problem is that artists and crafts people are easily brushed aside on all levels.

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We even discount ourselves a lot of the time; self-deprecating, almost to the point of extinction. As a result there is a very large turnover of start-up craft and art businesses.

Travels with my hammer. The areas of which I have knowledge are: Each of these countries do things that are both helpful and detrimental to the small creative business. Here in Ireland one of the biggest bonuses is the lack of regulation around creative enterprises.Developing and Marketing Crafts Tourism.

Uploaded by. Greg Richards. towards more interactive forms of tourism, based on experiencing the way in which people live, and learning more about daily life as well as significant moments in history.

Tourism also provides an essential boost to craft industries in peripheral regions, because. In Kerala, the tourism department started Art and Craft village to promote tourism and save the rural communities.

Irringal Art and Craft village, Calicut is the first of this kind in all over India. Design of Irringal Art and Craft village In the modern tourism, shopping is essential. It is a habit of tourists.

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