Arranged marriage is good essay

If we think about this topic sociologically, love marriages, that depend on one or both partners falling "in love" with the other and then getting married on this basis, are actually a relatively new invention.

Arranged marriage is good essay

Basic Five Paragraph Essay The following is an example of a five-paragraph essay. It has an Introduction, including a Thesis, three Body paragraphs, each beginning with a Topic sentence, and a Conclusion which sums up the Thesis without being a repetition of it.

Here the Thesis has been marked in red, and the three Topic sentences in green. Arranged marriage Norwegians tend to think that everything Norwegian is far better than what is normal in other parts of the world. Therefore we have come to believe that arranged marriages are slave-like situations, which subordinate women to men, replace love with obligation, and generally deprive women of their human rights.

Arranged marriage is good essay

We tend not to admit, even to ourselves, that the custom of arranging marriages has proved far more stable than marriage based on romantic love, it serves to preserve cultures under pressure, and will disappear only when the women themselves find the situation intolerable.

Stable social relations are essential in any society. It is a fact that the family is the central unit in all societies in the world, and when parents arrange for their sons and daughters to marry, they take steps to create a safe place for the children to grow up.

The economic aspects of the marriage contract tend to make such marriages much more stable than marriages in the western world, which tend to fail as the physical attraction tends to diminish with age.

The harmful effects on western children are undeniable Most people on earth seem to want to preserve their identity by adhering to their habits and religious beliefs.

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This would be particularly important in Norway, where the majority think that immigrants have to change to become like us. If they do, their culture would soon disappear with all their beliefs, customs, and practices.

Marriageable daughters are the life insurance for immigrant families in a society that does not seem to want their culture or their children for marriage partners anyway. There is nothing to prove that women whose marriages have been arranged by their parents are less happy than women who married out of love.

On the contrary, immigrant women often state that they live happy lives, play a very important role in the family, and with time often come to love their partner as if the marriage was not at all arranged.

What is certain beyond any kind of doubt, is that these marriages last longer.

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In recent years female immigrant voices have cried out against the custom, but there is no reason to believe that they represent the majority. An increasing number of immigrant women these days stand up to defend the custom, which seems to suggest that the situation is not at all as intolerable as radical activists will have us believe.

When it comes to marriage customs Norway is not so typical as we like to think. Our new countrymen bring with them customs that are much more widespread than ours. The controversial custom of arranging the marriage of the men and women of the next generation is one of the oldest and most common of all social customs in the world.

Its stabilising factor in the family unit is undeniable, it clearly creates a link between the homeland culture and the new-world culture of the immigrants, and it seems to be accepted and even cherished by the majority of the women concerned.Writing sample of essay on a given topic "Love Marriage Or Arranged Marriage" Love Marriage Or Arranged Marriage (Essay Sample) July 17, by admin Essay Samples, Free Essay Samples.

thus have a good foundation when it comes to lasting in the relationship. Arranged Marriages This report discusses the affirmative and negatives of arranged marriages. This report does not give a personal opinion but shows both sides of the argument.

Arranged marriages have been around for thousands of years, and were practiced all around the world at some point. They are when parents predetermine who their child will marry.

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Arranged Marriages: Persuasive Essay 1 in 7 woman will be raped by her husband. ADVERTISEMENTS: Here is your essay on marriage, it’s meaning, functions and forms! Introduction: Marriage and family sociologically signifies the stage of greater social advancement.

Arranged marriage is good essay

It is indicative of man’s entry into the world of emotion and feeling, harmony and culture. Long before the institution of marriage developed, man and woman may have lived together, procreated [ ].

Arranged marriages are highly traditional practices where a family chooses a spouse for their child, sometimes before they are even born. The child typically have little to no say in the matter, and are forced into the marriage in order to gain financial or social advantages for their family.

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