Architecture thesis projects presentation

Study MA Architecture and Urbanism MA Architecture and Urbanism allows you to study, and conduct in-depth research into the influence of global cultural and economic forces on contemporary cities.

Architecture thesis projects presentation

Swiss pavillon Expo in Hannover Peter Zumthor Since structuralism has different directions, there is more than one definition. The theoretical contribution by Herman Hertzberger belongs to the most interesting versions. A recent and often cited statement by Hertzberger is: It is a structuralist definition in a general sense, but also the basis concept for user participation: What we are talking about is in fact another notion of form than that, which premises a formal and unchanging relationship between object and viewer, and maintains this.

It is not an outward form wrapped around the object that matters to us, but form in the sense of inbuilt capacity and potential vehicle of significance.

Form can be Architecture thesis projects presentation with significance, but can also be deprived of it again, depending on the use that's made of it, through the values we attach to, or add to it, or which we even deprive it of, - all this dependent on the way in which the users and the form react to, and play on each other.

The case we want to put is, that it is this capacity to absorb, carry and convey significance that defines what form can bring about in the users - and conversely - what the users can bring about in the form.

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What matters is the interaction of form and users, what they convey to each other and bring about in each other, and how they mutually take possession of each other. What we have to aim for, is, to form the material of the things we make in such a way that - as well as answering to the function in the narrower sense - it will be suitable for more purposes.

And thus, it will be able to play as many roles as possible in the service of the various, individual users, - so that everyone will then be able to react to it for himself, interpreting it in his own way, annexing it to his familiar environment, to which it will then make a contribution.

This would be a superficial way of looking at things. By nature Structuralism is concerned with the configuration of conditioned and polyvalent units of form spatial, communicational, constructional or other units at all urban scales.

Service-Oriented Architecture: A conceptual model

Only when the users have taken possession of the structures through contact, interpretation or filling-in the details, do the structures achieve their full status. Any architecture that has a tendency to formalism is thus excluded.

Flexible form, which has been much discussed, is also rejected as a neutral enclosing system, since it does not offer the appropriate solution for any spatial programme.

In the architecture of Herman Hertzberger Structuralist form can be found from the smallest detail up to the most complicated structure, whether it is in terms of spatial, facade or environmental design.

It also discusses the autonomy of the primary structure: The whole is independent of its relationship to the elements. The relationships between the elements are more important than the elements themselves.

The elements are interchangeable, but not the relationships.

Architecture thesis projects presentation

They believed in the idea that man and society could be manipulated. Coherence, growth and change on all levels of the urban structure. The concept of a Sense of place. Tokens of identification identifying devices.

Service-oriented modeling and architecture

Urban Structuring and Articulation of the built volume.The GSA (Graduate School of Architecture) at the University of Johannesburg was founded in This article discusses the highlights of service-oriented modeling and architecture; the key activities that you need for the analysis and design required to build a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).

The author stresses the importance of addressing the techniques required for the identification, specification and realization of services, their . Course Overview. The MArch is a lively student centred environment, where peer-to-peer learning, practice based research and live events projects connect students, expert academics, design professionals and wider communities.

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Below is a sneak peak of my next project that I will be illustrating over the next several months. As with all of my projects, I have tried to setup several scenarios that I am interested in visualizing. The architectural style and principles. The architecture style defining a SOA describes a set of patterns and guidelines for creating loosely coupled, business-aligned services that, because of the separation of concerns between description, implementation, and binding, provide unprecedented flexibility in responsiveness to new business threats and opportunities.

Architecture thesis projects presentation

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