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The car debuted at the Brussels Motor Show in January[14] and was eventually replaced by the Fiat Familiare. The Multipla name was re-introduced in the late s, for the Fiat Multipla compact minivan. The Multipla was available in three interior configurations:

Ar 600 8 2 suspension of

Here I will offer quality, yet affordable, authentic artifacts from throughout the Americas. This gallery will be regularly updated so check back often. Please ask if you would like additional photos or more in-depth descriptions.

Enjoy your treasure hunt All items being offered on this website have appropriate provenance and are legal to buy and own under the United States statute covering cultural patrimony CodeChapter Every purchase comes with a written certificate of authenticity COA and are fully guaranteed to be as described.

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Replacement Chalmers Suspension Parts - Stengel Bros. Inc.

International sales outside of the United States require payment via PayPal. All international shipping costs, insurance and import fees are the responsibility of the buyer. This fine orangeware figural vessel depicts one of the famous "Labretted Ladies.

Shown playing a circular drum, she holds a drumstick in one hand, the other hand rests on top of the drum.

Ar 600 8 2 suspension of

The vessel sits on an angled, footed base with a loop handle at the back, topped by a tall, gently tapered pouring spout. The nicely burnished surface is elaborately decorated in fine detail with resist painted linear, circular and spiral designs, characteristic of the type. In very good, near choice condition.

The tip of the spout approx. An area of light fire clouding at the base along with ample mineral deposits are present overall. A lovely and beautifully detailed example. Frank Tapia collection of New York City.

Molds like this were used by the Maya and many other Mesoamerican cultures to mass-produce pottery and figural ceramics. This mold depicts a Maya female, likely a person of the ruling class. She is shown kneeling and wearing a headwrap, ear spools, necklace and wrist bands.

A nagual is a personal guardian spirit or protective animal alter ego. The mold is in very good condition. A few small areas of loss along the edges have been restored, otherwise intact. The casting is modern. A rare and very large example. Custom metal display stands are included.


Dailey collection of N. The rounded bowl is very thin-walled and sits on three small nubbin feet. The surface has a deep red burnished slip and is decorated on both sides with yellow-cream stucco in a stylized fish design.

A band around the rim shows a flame-brow motif. Assembled from around 15 original pieces with breaks restored and paint enhancements, but appears intact. Manganese and mineral deposits overall. Despite considerable restoration, it is a finely crafted and visually appealing example.The Forgestar CF10 is the newest wheel design available from Forgestar.

The new CF10 uses flow form casting process, a construction method that Forgestar has become known for. Industrias Eduardo Sal-lari (Capital Federal- Mercedes Pcia.

de Bs. As.): En el empresario Eduardo Sal-Lari (Presidente de la firma Daher-Boge, fabricante de amortiguadores), adquiere el paquete accionario de Citroën Argentina S.A., aprovechando que las licencias de fabricación de Citroën Francia habían caducado comienza a fabricar nuevamente el 3 CV, todavía con el nombre Citroën.

The changes in AR , 25 June state: No more than one MOVSM will be awarded to any Servicemember. For subsequent periods of community service justifying award of the medal, a bronze service star will be worn on the suspension and service ribbon of the medal.

Documentation: Volunteer time and duties must be documented. IAW revision to AR. Lanzamientos KLOFURAZONA - Nitrofural 0,2% Pomada Dérmica x 35 gr Nitrofural .. 0,2 g Excipientes: Polietilenglicol 68,62 g, polietilenglicol 26 g, agua purificada c.s.p.

g. ARMY REGULATIONS: New eBook Format for Army Administrative Publications Administrative publications-Army regulations, DA pamphlets, and HQDA policy notices-published in FY19 and beyond will soon be available in eBook format.

This new format will enable the user to read the publications on portable devices, such as smart phones and tablets. PERSONNEL ACTION SUSPENSION REPORTS - FN B-2a.

a, The flagging process as contained in AR 1. Suspension of Favorable Personnel Actions (Flags) 1. 30 Oct 1. has impacted on the filing of DA Form 1. Report for Suspension of Favorable Personnel Actions, SpecificallY9 the office providing personnel support.

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