An introduction to adding a town planner to your staff

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An introduction to adding a town planner to your staff

Bond resolutions for municipal development projects Capital improvements Acquisition or sale of public lands What local government actions do not require SEQR review? As for the Type II actions, included among them are some typical local government activities such as: If an action is classified as a Type II action, is SEQR review required of the municipal board before it undertakes, approves or funds the action?

The board should note the Type II classification of the action in the resolution approving the action or in a separate resolution prior to approving the action.

The resolution should specify the item on the Type II list that covers the action.

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Is a municipality required to apply SEQR even if its present procedures incorporate environmental considerations for example, a site plan review law containing performance standards for visual impacts?

Though seemingly redundant or overlapping, SEQR review is still required for actions even though the local or State law governing the proposed action provides for the consideration of the environment.

In fact, many zoning actions taken under the municipal enabling acts provide for varying consideration of environmental factors. How does a municipality integrate SEQR into its decision-making processes?

An introduction to adding a town planner to your staff

For other local government actions, there are a few basic rules to follow: First, the SEQR process should be started at the earliest practicable time in the review of a project or legislative decision. Third, an application to fund or approve an action is not complete until a negative declaration has been issued or a draft EIS has been accepted by the lead agency as satisfactory with regard to scope, content and adequacy.

With regard to the third rule, there are some caveats. Historically, municipal boards used the public hearing forum to do fact finding on whether to require a draft EIS.

An introduction to adding a town planner to your staff

At the same time, the public hearing ordinarily follows the determination that an application is complete. Because no application is complete until a negative declaration has been issued or the municipal board has accepted a draft EIS the public hearing must follow the determination on whether to require a draft EIS.

To satisfy the rule here and to allow fact finding on whether to require a draft EIS, where necessary, municipal boards can hold a separate public hearing on whether to require a draft EIS or accept public comment on its determination to require or not require a draft EIS at the hearing held subsequent to determining that the application is complete.

Along these lines, a negative declaration may be rescinded when, among other circumstances, new information is discovered. Finally, the third timing rule does not apply to the adoption of local laws and ordinances since neither involves an "application.

A municipal board may not delegate SEQR to a separate board or agency if the other board or agency does not have decision making authority for the action being reviewed. SEQR is intended to make boards that are responsible for approving, funding or undertaking an action consider the environmental effects of their decisions.

A board may be assisted in its review by other agencies and staff with expertise on environmental issues. An example is where a planning board is assisted in its review of a subdivision by a municipal planner or a conservation advisory council.

If an action involves the approval of more than one board, a lead agency may be picked from among the boards and thereby be primarily responsible for the SEQRA review of that action. If a proposed development will require approvals by agencies in two or more municipalities, how are these multiple reviews integrated?

Because SEQRA requires agencies to look at the whole action and not to segment the review of actions, the involved agencies of each municipality must participate in the SEQRA process and consider the whole action, including impacts in neighboring communities.

If coordinated review is initiated or required by an involved agency, and the initial phases of a development occur in only one of the municipalities, but one or more of the municipalities will be ultimately involved, then each agency should be treated as involved agency at the beginning of the process.

Does a municipal board have to consider extraterritorial environmental impacts, e. For example, a planning board reviewing a cellular communications tower visible from a neighboring community should consider the aesthetic impact of the tower on the neighboring community.

A town planning board reviewing a big box development should consider the impact of the development on the community character of a neighboring village that might suffer business displacement as a result of the approval of the big box development. When a municipal board such as a conservation advisory council or planning board is acting in an advisory role only can it be designated as the lead agency?

No agency can serve as the lead agency or be considered an involved agency on the basis of an advisory role.

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Town Engineer; Town Manager; Town Planner. The Town Planner serves as staff to the West Warwick Development Commission. The Development Commission provides guidance and formulates policy toward a diversified tax base and healthy business climate in the community.

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