A definition of stress and the bodys physical and emotional response

There is a lot of overlapping territory — as feelings of depression often come along with clinical depression — but in fact the clinical term is much more complex than that.

A definition of stress and the bodys physical and emotional response

Since graduation from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science, in MayI have been in the retail setting.

The increasing acceptance and promotion of herbalism in retail pharmacy has been of growing concern to me, from both a professional, and Christian viewpoint. My biblical view shapes every sphere of life, including my professional acumen, and is the basis for evaluation of the ideologies and views being propagated within todays holistic health framework, where herbalism has its roots.

Alternate belief systems abound within holistic medicine in general and herbalism in particular, which are not built on empirical foundations, but on the philosophical and the spiritual.

My intent is to illuminate the underlying philosophies expressed by a segment of herbalists that is driving the promotion and inculcating of herbalism, and holistic health within our culture.

A definition of stress and the bodys physical and emotional response

My desire is that you will read this earnestly; note its documentation; carefully consider the contents; and will receive benefit. At its core, holistic health embraces preventing and treating the underlying cause of disease and treatment of the whole person.

It is a change in attitude and approachmore than an absence of illness, it is an active state of physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, and social wellbeing-an inherent characteristic of whole and integrated human beings.

Its foundations are promotion of health and disease prevention-mobilize self-healing, with self-responsibility and self-education and self-discovery opportunities. My concerns arise in arenas where spirituality is addressed, and where scientific standards are laid aside in the evaluation of treatment modules.

Holistic health integrates all forms of health practices, which in the past, were relegated to the bizarre, the fraudulent, or the questionable. Upon searching the web under holistic health, my very first link revealed an array of health practices including-acupuncture, yoga, spiritual development and healing, naturopathic medicine, energy healing systems, and community and planetary healing.

This system minimizes, and often exhibits disdain, for the scientific method. The scientific method is based on ordered unbiased thinking that relies on proof of theory as a result of measurable, repeatable, and observable testing or experimentation. When reason and the demand for evidence is discarded, the door is opened to embrace any invalid practice.

Within this climate, only theories and suppositions abound to explain disease states, and the effectiveness and rationale of proposed treatments. When the obstacles of rationality are removed, the infusion of esoteric thought ensues.

One in three respondents reported using at least one unconventional therapy in the past year. This means that the FDA has not received sufficient data to allow the remedies to be classified as category 1: Sufficient data involving expensive basic research and clinical trials would require a prospective manufacturer to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on a non-patentable product.

A definition of stress and the bodys physical and emotional response

There would be no economic incentive for a manufacturer to make this investment. This often results from an initial misidentification of the herb in the field, or the use of less expensive substitutes.

A recent study in the United States revealed that many products containing feverfew had no detectable levels of this active component. The result of such merging is loss of separation. Differentiation between opposites will preserve integrity, but compromise always corrupts and eliminates truth.

After compromise and assimilation, neither system will retain its prior identity and distinctiveness. The end result will be, either a unique entity, or one of the systems will be totally absorbed. Conventional medicine has compromised its standards and has created a void filled by unrealistic and unsubstantiated claims and testimonials.

Into this vacuum has flooded ideology; even mysticism and occultism have latched onto the herbal marketplace. Many hold strictly clinical evaluations as to the benefits of use, while others, use the herbs as an introduction to New Age- occult beliefs.

To the group seeking efficacious and accessible alternatives to alleviate disease, I have no dispute. The other group, however, requires exposing of true motivation and proclivities, as exposure to their doctrine is inevitable within a self-education driven system.

Among the various proponents of herbalism, there can be found areas of commonality. Somehow, conventional medicine has failed to fulfill its cultural mandate in supplying an adequate, comprehensive vehicle for health care delivery.

For whatever reasons, justifiable or not, it has been deemed; uncaring; inaccessible; uneconomical; and untrustworthy. People have become disenchanted with the ability of conventional medicine to resolve and cure disease. The purveyors of herbalism have stepped in to help fill the gap.

By offering a system that is complementary, and possesses an ability to offer more affordable, comprehensive, and effective care, they hope to provide what is missing from conventional medicine alone.

Many herbalists purport that the unique qualities of herbs substantiate them as valid substitutes at least, and superior at best, to pharmaceutical medications. Herbalists are expressing this viewpoint on the basis of natural purity; synergy; and advantage in regard to harmful side effects and toxicity:Medical Definition of Stress Stress: In a medical or biological context stress is a physical, mental, or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension.

Stresses can be external (from the environment, psychological, or social situations) or internal (illness, or from a medical procedure). Yahoo Lifestyle is your source for style, beauty, and wellness, including health, inspiring stories, and the latest fashion trends.

Ch. 3 The Body's Response to Stress. STUDY. PLAY. we can seldom resolve psychological threats to the ego with physical activity in order to resolve stress. Symbolic threat tends to last longer because of emotional input and internal dialogue, and therefore is not as easily dissipated.

In the case of hypertension as a response to stress. Substance abuse is at an all-time high. As health professionals, we provide care to clients and families who find their bodies, minds, and quality of life shattered by the consequences of ingesting substances of abuse at levels harmful to body and mind.

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This is a balanced and thought-provoking documentary about the connection between the mind and body, and how we can take a much more direct approach to managing our health and our world generally.

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