15 shows you didnt know were spin offs

Name That Spin-off, Part Two click to play it. Question by author classictvnut. Meathead 'All in the Family' is credited with being the parent show of seven other TV shows and two movies. Fromwhich cast member from the Cunningham family starred in another spin-off of a skit that had begun on "Love, American Style" before joining the "Happy Days" show?

15 shows you didnt know were spin offs

These are the spin-offs that I am interested in. Look at verse 3. Would this fare just go into a pocket? It would go towards expenses accrued as part of running a trade ship. At least one person benefitted right off the bat by a fare being purchased that might not have been otherwise.

Whether or not it was worth it or not is yet to be seen. In those days, when things were going wrong on the ship, you pitched in and did what you could to help out. He just kept on sleeping…slacker.

15 shows you didnt know were spin offs

You know the story. He told them in verse 9 that his God made everything that was made. I am curious though. Remember, this is the age of blood sacrifices…lol.

They threw cargo overboard…they tried to row…in a storm…lol. They tried everything to keep from having to throw this dude overboard like he was telling them to do.

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One of the if not the greatest fears of sailors throughout history is the fear of going overboard. They would never wish this on anyone. They cried out to God for forgiveness then threw Jonah over the side. Even the next day, you are in rolling seas more than you would normally be because it takes time for that much water settle down.

Look at verse This would not have happened to these guys had Jonah not disobeyed God. In verse 16it says that they made sacrifices to the Lord and took vows. After that, nothing is ever said about these guys again.

How did their lives change after this? There are a few things that would change in my mind after this. First, they had to live with the fact that they threw a guy overboard into the sea.

It is assumed that he died and they were the ones that sent him to his death. How do you live with yourself after committing an act like that? Many people who have had to end a life to justifiably defend themselves need a lot of therapy to recover from the mental anguish.

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What if they did see this fish in the water that was big enough to swallow a man whole? Would that be any sort of consolation for you?

Did they continue to Tarshish? You know, they just had events happen that introduced them to a very real God who can control the sea and did so right in front of them!

You tell people about stuff like this! Most likely, this boat or ship was a family enterprise. Most businesses were in those days. It was likely that most of the crew were related to each other. When they got home, their families probably heard all about it…he kids heard the stories and though it might be a cool story to tell their friends…their friends tell their families… Who knows how far the telling of these events went!

How many people would have been touched by the events that happened on that boat? And those events would not have taken place had Jonah not disobeyed God like he did. Or did He just use it to His advantage?>>>I wouldn't call it a spin off if only because it had many of the same >>>actors that was on "All in the Family" most obviously Archie Bunker.

>>>It was a different setting but it had the same principle player.

Saved by the Bell ran from to and spawned a couple of spin-offs of its own, but the college spin-off and resurfaced teen series didn’t do well with viewers or critics, so they were both canceled after having a fair chance to succeed. Feb 09,  · The cast members didn’t know about John Amos’s departure until they read the script of his character getting killed off.

Esther Rolle is 25 years older than Ja’net DuBois (Willona Woods), although they were supposed to be the same age on the show. At times, these television spin offs even seem to outlive the success of the novel series and take on a life of their own with separate twists and turns than the book initially laid out.

Check out 8 successful television shows you didn’t know were inspired by books. orman Lear had several other shows which were huge hits in the s. Two of these, The Jeffersons and Maude, were spin-offs from All in the Family, meaning that the characters of these two shows began on All in the Family.

Many of these popular shows actually started out on other series. They eventually went on to become more successful than their predecessors. Let’s take a look at some successful shows you shockingly didn’t know were spin-offs.

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